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📘 iPod

Below are my notes on managing and customizing my iPod Classic.

  1. Rockbox
  2. Installing themes
  3. Broken wheel
  4. Replacing hardware


My iPod is currently running Rockbox with the adwaitapod dark Simplified Theme.

Installing themes

Broken wheel

Until I replace it (see below) my click wheel is broken. The play/pause button doesn't work most of the time. It is used for two things: Playing/pausing the music, and shutting down the iPod by holding it down. I've found workarounds for these:

Replacing hardware

I have not done this yet, but at some point I'd like to replace the hard drive with a dual micro SD card adapter, the click wheel, and the battery. The click wheel's play/pause button is broken, the hard drive is slow, and the batter is clearly deteriorating.

Here are the parts I will need to buy:

Here are the tools I will need to buy:

I will then follow these instructions and ideally replace everything at once.

Post 011/100 of #100DaysToOffload

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