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🎨 Waterfowl


I took a walk down to Riverfront Park during lunch to see if I could find some birds to sketch. I quickly found 3 Canada Geese, a Mallard and 7 American Wigeons.

I took some photos and sat down to start sketching. Two of the geese were grazing in the grass while the other one kept watch. Eventually the two came within a foot of me. After a bit, the watcher came over and lowly hissed at me until I got nervous and left. It must have decided I was a threat.

The mallard was swimming in the group of wigeons. They didn't seem to mind.

It was nice getting out, seeing some birds, and sketching a bit. Watercolor takes a while to dry in the cold, so you have to wait a bit longer than you'd expect between coats of paint.

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