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🎨 7 Day Challenge 2022

In October 2022 one of my favorite artists Samantha Dion Baker set up a 7-day challenge where each day you draw a specific time of a typical day for you. Posts for it can be seen on Instagram with the hashtag #samanthaandohnmar7day.

These were my drawings for this challenge. It's the only art challenge I've ever finished, and I'm proud of how these turned out!

7 AM: Making breakfast for the kids

I was shocked at how well my strawberries turned out. I'd never drawn one before and I was really proud of it.

9 AM: Coffee

I've drawn this mug many times as it was my favorite. Unfortunately it fell off a counter and broke after I drew this, and they no longer sell them since it was a limited edition mug from artist Nathaniel Russell. It will be missed.

12 PM: Breakfast

Since I was doing intermittent fasting, I usually wouldn't eat until about 12, which is why this was so late in my day. This is my least favorite of this set.

2 PM: Working

Since I was posting these on Instagram at the time, I started changing up how I took photos so they were angled and showing art supplies, which is the kind of things that get more likes.

5 PM: Cooking dinner

This one almost doesn't look to me like something I did. It feels very different from my usual drawings, and I also like it a lot.

7 PM: Cleaning

10 PM: Reading

Of all the time texts at the top, this is my favorite. I really like the purple that I chose for it.

👋 Hey! Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or questions about this post, or anything else, I'd love to chat! You can find the best way to contact me on my hello page or send me an email.